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Rain! Rain! Rain! 11 wet races in a sesson!

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What the **** codemasters... In my fist my team sesson i have had rain at, netherlands, japan, england, austria, france, belgium, russia, japan, USA mexico and China(what a shokker) 


******* hate you guys at this point running a good game this year to with this ****, almost 40 % of my races have been rain affected. The most rain affected sesson in f1 had what 4 maybe 5? ? ?

had this problem every ******* year with you guys

There should be max 5 rain races per sesson, plz upvote this becuse its so stupid that you guys cant find a good way to even this **** out, your takeing the fun out of the game, add the weather options to my team etc. and fast you fuckers. thx.

now i deleted  my team mode, so yhea. Good job coddie.


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