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To Codebreakers... *Codemasters


online racing.... i will bullet point rather than rant a paragraph.


1) fix the lobby connections.

2) fix SC bugs.

3) more spectator angles.

4) in depth admin control (online leagues).

5) customisable online character including helmet.

6) in game penalty bs hand outs. 


in relation to point number 4, there is no serious league out there that uses your in game league system to my knowledge, I know I don’t for my league. Why is that? It’s a question I keep asking but never get a solid response. Please pump time and effort into the hundreds and hundreds of leagues that just want a smooth weekend without lobby restarts and the in game league system to be the fun interactive place to go when creating a league because right now I am not getting that vibe. Don’t be ashamed to take inspiration from ACC, there admin controls are second to none! For example, a message can be pinged out across the lobby ON SCREEN in the race of any warnings, cautions or announcements, whatever it may be! Just give the online league owners An true in depth control system off and on the track!

you are an F1 official video game. do they play this game and think ‘oh ****’? Maybe?




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