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Ok Have my race in singapore very shortly and start 6th on the grid even tho i got pole but had a grid penalty for some reason but anyway my strategy is that im underfueled by 3 laps and im not sure if i go with that as that is a lot of fuel saving so do i change it or leave it. In quali it was only a tenght in it. 

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Depends on your pace with the low fuel mix I reckon - e.g. If you’re relatively quick with the fuel mix on low, then under fuelling the car makes sense.

But because you’re starting 6th, not 1st, and you only got pole by a tenth, you’d wanna get ahead of the cars in front asap so they’re not dictating your pace, otherwise you’re gunna be pretty busy squabbling to properly manage the fuel burn.

That said, Singapore has SO many corners you can lift & coast into you might just be able to get away with it...

Personally I hate getting up the sharp end only to drop down the order as the race wears on because I have to save fuel so typically I just fill ‘er right up & go flat out from lights to flag 🤠


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