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[PC] F1 2017 Sounds Issues

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So my problem is that when I'm playing in any mode (career, multi, time attack), the sounds is horrible. It keeps sizzling since the beginning. I already tried the famous "Put the sound on 48.000 Hz 16 bit" but changes nothing. When I play i'm around 60 fps but when a cinematic comes in, the sound is great and I'm at 30 fps. I feel like the game send too many sounds input at 60 fps that's why it's sizzling, feels like input are stacks because coming too fast so my headset can "read it" properly. I really think it's liked to the speed of the game bcs sometimes during a race, fps drops and I can clearly hear engines revs during a second. Then back to normal fps and the sizzling comes back.

I'm playing F1 2017 on a MSI apache GE62 6QC Apache with a GTX960M. I'm using a Xbox One controller and my headset is a Razer Nari Ultimate.

Playing on Steam.

F1 2017 version 1.13


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