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My Theory of PC3 decision !

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I think SMS did what they did due to the success of Forza games !

SMS wants part of that market & the horizon series is proof More players just want a game that you jump in & just GO !

Also i think SMS was worried with the upcoming Forza Motorsport (reboot? fm8) that they won't be able to compete ?

I don't know but i do know forza in general is a more "polished" series with More $$$ to throw around for development.

Stuff is heating up a LOT in the sim & arcade genre, AMS2 is gonna be slamming the competition, & Horizon will continue to dominate !.

I would LOVE to see a "proper" release of grid but it needs some one like M$ with $ to do that.

Anyhow, tell me if i am for real or bat **** crazy ?


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