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Cross-platform Time Trial Leaderboards


Should the time trial leaderboards in future F1 games be cross-platform  

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  1. 1. Should the time trial leaderboards in future F1 games be cross-platform

    • Yes
    • No

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According to @PJTierney, whom I have no reason to disbelieve, the time trial leaderboards in the Dirt franchise(s) are cross-platform. While partial credit for adding this feature to the F1 series goes to @dezzy71 for the topic below, I liked the idea so much that I had to post it here as a poll, which I'll give my answer to first. Please explain your answer of CM have as much info as possible for this discussion internally in the future.

I believe the TT leaderboards should be cross-platform because it'll make setup hunting a lot easier. As it stands, finding a full season of hot lap setups is a bit cumbersome for Xbox users because we has to document setups from, say @StephanGPYT, before using them, whereas we'd be able to apply the in-game without prior documentation, if the leaderboards were cross-platform.


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I voted "yes" but want to provide more context on my answer here: it will probably depend on how consistent the performance between platforms is which will impact how comparable the laps are at the end of the day. Now this is just a random thought and not proven by any evidence but if there is just a slight difference in the performance of the physics engine for example or brake behaviour, the lap times and setups become less useful across platforms since they are specific to how the game behaves on the respective platform.

Now, being selfish for a bit, I would also not want them to implement it because I am running a web platform that makes this possible (see lap times, setups and telemetry across all platforms) and wouldn't want them to take away the foundation for said platform 😛 - form a user experience perspective, having this as a feature would make it way easier to copy and tweak se tups though, that's for sure. 

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