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Is there any love for the Operation Flashpoint series still?

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Consoles are almost totally desolate of tactical first person shooters and OP:FP sits in a very nice middle ground of being hard-core tactical while also being accessible to new and casual players. Besides the fact that a well executed tactical shooter would probably do very well, especially with the new consoles around the corner, is there any love for the Flashpoint series still? Obviously a dev from CM isn't about to see this post but I'm just wondering if there would be excitement for a new game or even a remaster of the last two or if I'm alone in wanting those.

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yes have some friends and we still play OP:FP from time to time. there was a site in the UK that had all sorts of extra maps to add and really made it interesting.

for the life of me can not find that site tho....grrr.

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