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[PC] Safety Rating S ranked Lobbies

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Is anyone else with Safety Rating S struggling to find ranked lobbies? 25% races are always empty, 5 laps races are usually 5-7 people.

Do I have to go on unranked races and cut every corner to get my rating down to B or something just so I can play ranked?

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It doesn't feel like, even on console, that there's a large playerbase online at any one time, regardless of rating. 

25% is basically a bust unless you want to stay in the same group for a lot of races and slowly add 1 or 2 more each time. 

5 laps is better but, there are definitely times when it's 5-7 players in a lobby, same in the next lobby, and on. 

I didn't play online at all in 2019 so I don't know what the expectations are supposed to be, but it sure feels empty a lot. 

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