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Hi !


I'm here to ask you if I'm the only one to feel that.

In " Grand Prix mode", if I do one qualifying lap at 104% AI, I destroy the AI ( with a Mercedes ). I tried 98-99 with a Mclaren, I won too. But in MyTeam mode, if I play at 104% ( Like GP mode ), my mate is 1s ahead of me in qualy but I can beat him in the race. I want to play at 110% when I see that I win at GP mode at 104% but I can't beat my mate at 104%... ( No assists at all and playing with a G29 )


Any ideas / tips ?

Thanks !

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Same for me.

I am very surprised not to find more posts on this topic, as I feel it really ruins the Career experience. 

As far as qualifying, I can play Grand Prix mode at 105% AI level, no assists, and qualify close to my teammate (so, where the car belongs), but in my Career mode I can only manage 100% without really getting close to my teammate. As an example, in my current Season 4 I could only manage a 4th on the grid as best result, despite having the best R&D car.  

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