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Issue with vehicle performance

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1.        When I try to sign a driver at the end of the season, the vehicle performance classification doesn't make sense. My car is now the best on the grid and still the driver says that my car is not even better than 9th. This happened at the end of season 2 and season 3 (After Abu Dhabi race). In this example, I tried signing Seb and in both seasons the same issue of the car not being 9th or better shows up. However, my car was better than 9th or better already! The same thing happened when I tried signing Lewis. The strange thing is that I managed to sign Seb in the middle of season 3. So this issue is only appearing at the end of the season. I have attached some screenshots to show all of this.
2.       Version 1.10
3.       Game-mode My-Team career (end of season 3)
4.       I get this issue when signing the better drivers such as Seb or Lewis.
5.       I encountered this issue only when negotiating contracts at the end of the season. I did sign Seb mid-season (season 3) and the issue didn't show up.
6.       Couldn't find any post about this vehicle performance issue anywhere.
7.       No accessories have been used when verifying this.

Thank you for having a look! This is also my first ever reporting of an issue.



F1 2020 (DirectX 12) 25_09_2020 16_22_28.png

F1 2020 (DirectX 12) 25_09_2020 16_23_03.png

F1 2020 (DirectX 12) 25_09_2020 16_23_19.png

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Sorry, I didn't see that it was the 2019 section. If possible, can this topic be deleted, I will re-upload it on the 2020 section.

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