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Online services login error. I cant access the online services at all I have no clue what to do everything seems ok on my end. I need help is this a Codies problem or a me problem


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I have a problem

8 minutes ago, Ooronic0101 said:

Ho controllato il mio Nat digita la mia connessione multiplayer su Xbox Ho controllato la mia connessione di rete su Xbox non so cosa fare aiuto è apprezzato. Il codice di errore è 22 e sono su Xbox

I have a connection problem. 

Error code 12. Now.. 


Ho un problema di connessione. 

Codice errore 12.


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Also getting error code 12 (BC, Canada). Just trying to play My Team. The obnoxious connection failure message makes the game completely unplayable. Canceling does absolutely nothing. At least every 30 seconds a popup completely obscures the screen without pausing the gameplay.

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I get error code: 500:H upon entering the game, and if I click cancel it takes me to the main menu where I can go into a ranked/unranked lobby but my rank and safety rank have gone back to placement? I am Silver 2nd rank and S safety, what is going on??? I am in Australia also. 




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