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Safety Car And VSC Not Working


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1) I've just finished the Canadian Grand Prix season 1 of MyTeam Career. I have safety car on and VSC on, despite cars crashing and in the middle of the race track dnf'd. There was neither a safety car or VSC (this was at Baku main straight). Since playing this game I have had no safety car and VSC, simulation damage is on and I always check if safety car is on. I only get yellow flags. I play on 110% difficulty with 100% race distance, full practice and full qualifying. 


2) Xbox One Original 


3) 1.10 version 


4) MyTeam Career


5) Depends if AI crash (technically) 


6) I just race and don't make collisions (haven't wrecked anyone or DNF anyone) 


7) Restarted the game, turned safety car off. Saved it and turned it on again, saved it.


😎8.) Xbox One Controller


9) When it happens again and I know it will, I'll screenshot it and upload it. 

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I have the same problem as callum246. The SC came out during my first career.
I decided to start a new career and now the SC does not come out. I am in season 2 of the new career. The SC is on, the yellow flag is on.
One time, in a crash, Jeff told me the SC was coming out and it never came out.
I reinstalled the game due to a launch crash but there is still the problem.
I'm on PS4, version 1.10, difficulty 82 with 100% race.
Many people have this problem in France.
Sorry for my english, I'm french.

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