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Omline Services Login Error

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I'm getting the following error when the game starts:

Failed to log in to online services. Error Code: 22

I retried several times with the same result. I then canceled out of the error message and tried to start a time trial. I get to the garage view but there are no options displayed at the bottom of the screen and the game does not respond to any controller buttons.

I quit the game and restarted my xbox but the problem persists. 

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Im thinking there may be maintenance taking place on the Microsoft server side of things, as Codemasters would have alerted the group of it was on their side. I’m getting a connection code 22 error on XB1

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Same for me on PS4. Error Code 12. There must be an issue with CM servers. I'm sure once they wake up they'll take care of it... assuming it's not an apocalyptic problem. I've gotten the Error and then it went away, and I was able to connect to the online services again, but after a short time it booted me out again and back to the Error Code 12. I have no problem signing into PlayStation Network and my internet is fine and has been throughout this problem. 

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