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DR2.0 1.15 - what to do (PS4 Pro)

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Tune Vehicle: gradations for braking force and distribution much too coarse.

Tire selection recommendations are wrong. There are no online events where you ever need other tires. Always preset SOFT!
For time trials, the correct setting is SOFT, but if you choose a rain ride, the default is again medium tires. Why?

The new Enginesound for Ford Cosworth is a good job, but unfortunately you don't hear much about it. I have to increase the engine volume for Ford Cossworth by 6 points in the options.

Engine position is still displayed incorrectly for four cars: Renault A110, BMW M1 Procar, OMSE, Speedcar Xtreme.

Tune Vehicle Suspension (Spring Rate) and Ride Height:
-subaru Legacy way too high (Ride Height) for USA and for asphalt rallies it looks completely stupid.
-Porsche 911 RGT and Peugeot 306 Maxi bounce through the suspension at every slightest bounce because not high enough or springs too weak. (Shock absorbers (bump) do not work in your game anyway).
-Lancia Fulvia HF (H1) has too hard suspension (spring rate) for gravel.  Why? DS 21 (H1) too soft for tarmac.

In View Replay the sound will play asphalt to gravel incorrectly. In Poland the tires squeal on gravel as if you were driving on asphalt. In Australia, asphalt rushes like on gravel.

I've played a lot of time trials the last few days and had to find out that no best times and ghost cars were saved. Why did you not use the data from the online events?


small puddles and water streaks without physical effect is a known weakness of the game. (Graphically this is shown well).
From another game (Project Cars 2) I feel a slight braking effect on each side when driving through. When braking, I think it should be the other way round, because there is less grip.
(Similar effects were achieved well for Monaco Monte Carlo, the different grip is clearly noticeable when speeding up and braking when you drive with one side over an ice surface).

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