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Some good stuff in DR2 that should live on in any sequels


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The core game is awesome. I love it. I have 200 hours into it and many more to go. I built my sim rig mostly to play this game (before rediscovering iRacing and ACC, which are now in the rotation too). I have a bunch of small complaints/annoyances but wanted to raise a couple specific things that I really like that not every title has:

* You can map multiple inputs to the same function. For instance, I can have both the paddles on my wheel *and* a sequential shifter and they both work simultaneously. Most games do not let you do this. The use case: when you're in a hairpin and your hands are crossed up, or when you're recovering from a spin/almost spin, you can move your hands over to the sequential instead of trying to do something with the paddles when the wheel is spun around a bunch. Also: when you're going back and forth between stage rally and rallycross, you can use paddles in rally and the shifter in rallycross and not have to remap anything.

* You can set collision force to 0 or near zero, separately from other forces. So if you have a DD wheel, you don't have to worry (as much) about injuring yourself in a shunt.

What are some things you appreciate in DR2 that other games either don't have or don't do right? 

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