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F1 2015 - Official Bugs, Glitchs and Requests List ( to help Codemasters fix that faster)


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F1 2015 - Official Bugs, Glitchs and Requests List ( to help Codemasters fix that faster)

-Huge FPS Drop
-No SLI support
-Cut scene after race all scrambled up
-Graphics settings not saving
-Audio Settings not saving
-Controllers settings not saving
-Ghost cars in multiplayer
-Parc ferme setting [off] only works for some people in the lobby
-Timing screens are off
-Certain people crash multiplayer sessions when they joib
-Huge input lag with Logitech G27
-Massive lag online and cars teleporting back and forth..
-When exiting the game APPCRASH (F1 2015 executable has stopped working)
-When exiting the game , black screens
-Game Freeze
-No spray in the rain, and no champaine spray in podium cut scene
-No FFB for wheels and xbox controller (Force Feedback is so light)
-Weird blurry graphics
-Game crashes everytime trying to run a Benchmark test
-Game crashes at the end of the benchmark test
-Controllers Xbox issues
-Wheels issues with deadzone etc..
-Huge FPS Drop on all tracks
-Permanent yellow flags caused by AI in certain spots
-AI completly ignoring blue flags
-Engine permanently overheating
-AI crashes often
-Cars tyres ingame and in replay become invisible
-Cars becomes ghost when braking or when going off track
-Cars becomes ghost when you slow down under 80km/h
-Stuck in 2 gear when exiting the pitlane
-AI are hitting too often the back
-Pitcrew bug
-Multiplayer, game can't seem to understand who is in what position or what the real time differences are. Was hoping for an AI improvement, but they ignore blue flags, attempt to crash you out, or dive off the track and try to undercut you, then you get the penalty for it.
-Cutting corner bug (you can cut a corner with 4 tyres in)
-AI stuck in the pits just outside the pitbox
-AI go nuts around yellow flags and will turn into you
-AI generally will shunt and try to spin you, then penalty for me
-Engineer telling me I will have to save fuel at my current rate despite having +2 and running in normal
-Fuel Status bug
-Game Crashed to desktop after finishing a session (Race,Qualif,Practice)
-Blackscreen after qualifying
-In practice, AI top time switched to being 00.00.00, no split times showing time from fastest lap but in race director previous fastest lap time still listed.

-no drivers in the car when looking through the mirror of a car
-Multiplayer sync bug
-scoreboards bug
-Ai are stuck at the pitlane exit
-Ai are stuck in wall
-Team-mates always pitting on the same lap
-Tire wear won't reset when you restart a session
-AI are stuck in their pitbox
-In race or in replay cars tyres become invisible
-Engineer voice volume is too low we cant hear him
-Engines Sounds should be more louder (internal & external)
-We can pass over a wall (going into sea etc..)
-rev lights on steering wheel don't work correctly
-Game crashes often
-No safety car
-Cars & tyres textures bug
-Multiplayer lobby freeze
-Chat button (press to talk) doesnt work... in multiplayer we can always hear everyone constantly and we cant hear the engine sound or engineer voice
-TAA & SMAA bug when activate (singleplayer and Multiplayer) , the cars become wierd and ghost

-Flashback bug on PC>
When you crash the game turns grey. That is fine.
Problem is that it stays grey after flashbacking.. The grey color only dissapears after restarting the entire game.



- to have the TV Broadcast Cam in multiplayer (in the section that you can follow others players onboard)

The cam, i am talking ..





REQUESTS From Players

-PS4 Version with Fanatec CSR. Is it possible add an option to choose to see on led display the gear? Actually it's on Km/h or Mph only.

-over to show the gear on Fanatec display instead the speed, maybe to show the colours of rpm limiter (green, red and blue) so people that use steering wheel like me can put the dual shock on steering weheel base for more addictive experience.

*** if there is bugs that are not in the thread , post them and i will them ***

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Im playing on pc.

- Ingame Voice Chat (Multiplayer) can not be deactivated in options
- Buttons for Racing Wheels should be (1), (2), (3), etc. not like Controller (A), (B), (X), (Y), (LB, etc.
- german localisation: at timetrial menue, there is a fact how many curves the track have in german translation its wrong, change "Runden X" to "Kurven X" screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479603085
- Dpad Menue (fuel mix changing) delay shoul be cut off
- pit radio: (LB) should be open the menu or closing the menu, is nearly impossible to hold this button down and then press another two buttons (dpad down and dpad right) to navigate in this menue while driving with a pad
- pit radio menue is not available in pro season mode on pc you have no chance to speak with a microphone so without the menue u cannot use this feature
- crash to desktop when u pull xbox controller cable off at game starts

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Up and down arrows  on the  keyboard does not work  so I cannot navigate  so I cannot play at all. The up and down bottons on the  wheel does not work properly either. ( Fanatec Clubsport CSW, Nvidia Graphic. Intel proc)
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Remember write what system you use: PC, PS4 or XOne. PC write what is your hardware.

My bug report from PS4 version.

Game mode: Time Trial
Track: Singapore
Car: Sauber
Setup: Default
Controller: Thrustmaster T500 with Ferrari Add-on

What happened:
I started time trial lap. When bot driving few seconds, game freezed. Freezing leng was maybe 10 seconds and after that there was very big fps peak. I don't is that possible, but it look to me that fps jump to 100 for few seconds and back to 60 fps. I tried this again by starting lap again and again, but bug doesn't repeat. I think that it is a) rare bug b) bug that need just specifict think that it happens (maybe in physic engine).

Game mode: Time Trial
Track: Every track
Car: Every car
Setup: Default
Controller: Thrustmaster T500 with Ferrari Add-on

What happened:
When you are playing by using cockpit cam and push DRS button in DRS zone, sometimes there not coming animation that driver push button and I don't know is DRS open or not.

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Remember write what system you use: PC, PS4 or XOne. PC write what is your hardware.

My bug report from PS4 version. 

Game mode: Time Trial
Track: Hungary
Car: McLaren
Setup: Default
Controller: PS4 standard controller

What happened:
I started time trial lap and at the second corner ( U turn) I noticed a slight FPS drop. At the chicane the game freezes about 1-2 seconds and there is an overall FPS drop. This make the car handling almost impossible on that particular area. Important to mention that this only happens on the cockpit camera, for Tcam the game runs normally.

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This pitcrew bug has happened to me twice today, it's both completely game and heart breaking when it happens. Happened at Monza and USA, both times I was winning, now Hamilton will win the championship instead with the help of his statue allies in the pits.


After this I've just noticed that Hamilton won the race, despite being sat in the pits for most of the race! This game needs an urgent patch.
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To help Codemasters, but still enjoying the game.
- in time trail split times aren't shown after let's say 10+ laps,
- there seems no slip stream or AI drive away from you on straights,
- race engineer is on mute, too silent,
- AI hits you from the back too often,
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The above no-tyres glitch is a joke. 

I don't know if anyone has mentioned, but when I go to do a Quick Race in the 2014 season... it just freezes on the grid.

Multiplayer online DEFINITELY needs to be fixed. 
 - need to be able to actually FIND races (scrap the Hopper if need be)
 - need to be able to create/join custom lobbies where it's NOT 'Invite Only'. So we can see which custom lobbies we can join.
 - equal cars actually needs to be EQUAL CARS.
 - the online ghosting is out of hand.
 - randomising? I'm driving along in the lead, with about a 6 second gap to 2nd and 3rd (who are tied each other, according to my radar), and I finish the race 11 seconds behind 3rd, who was a further 8 seconds behind 1st? No penalties were awarded either.
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<Flashback bug on PC>

When you crash the game turns grey. That is fine.
Problem is that it stays grey after flashbacking.. The grey color only dissapears after restarting the entire game.

Like this:
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Playing on ps4 

championship season 100% verstappen

legend ai with some assists. 

I love this game it's been the biggest jump in f1 racing games in a long time. Just some bugs in the game I'm sure they can sort out with a quick patch. 

1. I'm at China now, every race  atleast half of the field pit 2 times in two laps? This typically has Happened in changing conditions, but happened in Australia in the dry so I know it's not a wet/dry gamble. Sometimes there has been a yellow flag on the main straight around these times for a few laps so I am not sure if someone's crashed at the end of the pits and the ai take damage passing them? Just a guess. It's frustrating though as now I've got my eye in, I wanted to be fighting for between 7th and 14th in the races with max and that would be the case. Instead im picking up 3rd to 6th depending on how many of the leaders had this bug.

2: looking at the incidents table after a race is full on. And that's fine it shows the ai are banging wheels and that's great. But merhi and Stevens are constantly crashing into cars lapping them. They were added late so i can understand there being an issue with their interactions but fix it fast because it's a potential ruiner of the champ mode. 

3: the ai drivers don't look for a gap, I absolitely
creamed myself the first time I noticed I could go onboard with someone. Got all excited for the q3 shoot out and watched as it turned into a q3 trulli train. 

The last games were so untouched year by year that I stopped getting them until this one. Codemasters
has done an excellent job in improving the racing side by side with ai it's really a massive step
forward. No other games ai are as good. Project cars is a brilliant time attack game and that's it. This game does donuts around it. 
I've not played online yet but hope the penalty system is fixed. 
Just fix these issues because at the moment they are seriously ruining the immersion of a long race. Other than that though top job. 

P.S. If one person in code masters thinks
the classic content is needed before a career mode. They need to be re educated. Any poll of their gamers would show this in my opinion.

we accepted the lack of features this year as long as they nailed the racing and it seems to be spot on. I've not had any issues with slipstreaming or bad straight line speed and I've only used torro Rosso. 
so this years game is good but only a good baseline,
i just hope in a few years  I am not still waiting for them to improve - like 2010 -14 - also the comms sound like they're reading script. Pay them
for an extra day so they can learn their lines and not sound as if they're talking to kids.
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