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F1 2015 - Official Bugs, Glitchs and Requests List ( to help Codemasters fix that faster)


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JoeLee said:
auroboros said:
Thanks for your reply. Can I ask if the voice command drop down menu where one selects info for the engineer to respond has replaced the info menu completely on xbox ie the info display found in the PC version is not in the xbox version? If not then I'm still stuck with no info display when pressing the left trigger button on my xbox, I have tried all default controller bindings etc.

Thanks again!

i am very confused right now... on pc there definitely are those 2 different menus. "voice command" (as default on former info-button) and "info" so i can't imagine they've merged them into one on console as there are so many fundamental information in the info screen... the voicecommand-list would need 30+ entries.
but what's confusing me... i jumped to youtube to see if i can find a console player with the info screen open. and what can i say... ~25 videos i've jumped through (in total ~15hrs material) and i did not catch ONE single frame with the info menu opened...
first thought: how can they play without this, i have it open (mostly) all the time as i need to know about temps, tire wear, damage and so on...
second thought: did cm maybe forget to add this menu on consoles??? i can't imagine they all didn't need to check those windows even once...

maybe a console player can confirm this menu really exists???

edit: last idea... are you maybe playing pro season? there are no aids and info screens, just engineer-commands... but i think you wuld have mentioned that...
I play on xbox one and haven't came across the info menu, even when I try to customise my controls, there's no option for this menu. looks like codemasters either forgot to add it to consoles or just didn't put it in at all.

Thanks moeppel0815 and JoeLee for your help here. This is a huge disappointment CM, why on earth would you think this menu is not needed for console (just because consoles have voice recognition unlike PC) doesn't mean this menu is not useful, it's crucial in some respects. Maybe next time you could include it? LOL. Thanks again guys!

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Mentioned it before but it keeps tripping me up, my custom control set up keeps resetting everytime I fire up the game and do a new quick race. Everytime without fail. It's saving my set up as custom, but when the quick race loads up it defaults PS4 wireless controller Preset 1.
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this first problem has been bugging me since the start of f1 2014...
whenever i launch the game, every damn menu is flickering for a few sec, then a few sec everything's perfectly fine, then again flickering... and so on!
had no chance to detect a cause as it is completely random. in the car it's absolutely fine (pause screen again flickering), but still... the game shows it can handle it perfectly fine but a second later... flicker... navigation across menus? should be granted an achievement for...
i suppose(!) it has to do with my dual-screen setup while only playing on one... but both screens same (native) res... and even if not, should not cause any problem at all.
In advance:
no, refreshrate (or any other options) has absolutely no influence on this.
no, not a driver problem, i have setup my pc 4 times since i got f1 2014, using several drivers - there is no problem with them.
and no, it's not the screens (tried 3 different dual-setups). currently samsung s24d300h
grafics adapter: ocz r280x tri-oc
(rest is a solid upper average: xeon e3-1231 v3, 8 GB crucial ballistix, asus h97 pro) win7 pro x64

tried to reproduce it, but with OBS recording there was not a single flicker... launched like a dozen times - perfect.
switched obs off, took my iphone to record:


Second problem occured after 14-7-patch.
racing friends-only-multiplayer: me ghosting everything, my friend having collisions (yes, i checked settings, collisions were set "on").
i don't have to explain how useless that was. checked on ~15 races, tried several restarts, always the same (and always me ghosting, never him)
figured out, my car (only my CAR, only MY car, only in RACE, not in QUAL) was flickering very hard, like between fullvisibility-novisibility about 20 times/sec, throughout the entire race.

then todays patch let us hope... logged in, launched a session, went to (short-15-min-)qualification, everything seemed fine. Started the race, same bullcrap as before... ended race, tried silverstone but withOUT qualification - and now it's getting f*cked up...
first turn: im having collisions!!! touched  a williams' tyre and side and heard&saw it collide - i was so happy, i almost cried and peed myself!
then second corner,... yeah, you're guessing right: me ghosting again, my friend crashed raikönnen...
don't have to explain, how fast i hit alt+f4...

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I have a request for multiplayer. With collisions, make it so the driver who runs into another car gets slowed down and the car hit is not effected, It will be like no collision mode where each car is a ghost to one another BUT the idiot who tried to smash me off the road is simply slowed down dramatically. This should force people to try and drive properly, and overtake properly. Kids playing will be left behind, like they should be.
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If you register a DNF, it appears the results are declared as the order in which cars will next cross the finish line.

I crashed out of a race after a few laps with Will Stevens shown as the winner. After watching the replay (for which the fast forward would not work)  he was exiting the final corner in P15 as my race ended. All the other cars were on, say, lap 5 whereas he was just ending lap 4.
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My system: Alienware R4

Intel(R) Core(TM) i74930K processor (6-cores, 12MB Cache, Overclocked 4.1 GHz w/ Turbo Boost) Dual 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA(R) GTX 770 SLI 256GB Solid State Drive + 1TB SATA (7200RPM) 32MB Cache. 1600MHz DDR3 Quad Channel Memory

Love the way the game feels but I have a couple of issues graphically. For some reason I continue to get a flickering rear left wheel. I can see it in my rear view & in outboard replays. Also when in TT I occasionally get a random frame freeze, I think its when I get too close to a ghost car but can't be sure.
Also, I'd like to add, there seems to be some confusion over Nvidia Sli support. If there indeed isn't any support this it's a HUGE disadvantage to me - and many other PC users I'm sure. If we don't have it, can we please have it soon? The recommended anti-aliasing settings are SMAA+TAA but I have to manually turn it down to TAA only, as the frame fate loss is too much. If there is no optimised Sli support then that will be the reason.
One last thing as far as the graphics, can you please get on to Nvidia to release a Game Ready Driver?

Now, multiplayer, the main mode I play in, some real problems!

The most catastrophic is the weird syncing issues. I used to experience the same thing in F12013/F12014. A very common occurrence is when you break behind another player, real close to the back of their car, but you don't touch, however the guy in front feels a shunt as if you hit him, but from your perspective you never touched. That can happen a lot.
And then sometimes some really strange shit happens & the cars positioning is way out of whack. I raced my friend last night (both with good internet connections) I thought I was a few car lengths behind him, but he thought I was in front! He rear-ended me on the straight, but it wasn't me, I was behind watching him as he hit an invisible car that shattered his front wing. I love racing online, but when this happens it completely ruins it! I'm not sure what the cause is - some kinda syncing on the start lights/grid I think - but I can assure you both our internet connections were good.

One last thing, lobby settings still don't save! And it's REALLY cumbersome to have to delete the whole calendar just to set up a one race lobby! Especially with a wheel! Why have ALL tracks checked to start? Why not let the user add them individually? So much easier!

Other than that, everything's cool. Love the physics/handling, and it looks amazing (but will be so much better with Sli support!)

Cheers guys       

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Not sure if the glitch has been already mentioned but I just did a race in championship season in 2014 cars at monza on Xbox One. A few cars retired including Vettel and when I watched the replay I noticed that the tires, rear light that flashes sometimes in race and some parts of the cockpit were blacked out. This must be a glitch as it happens to all cars that retire. I'm not sure if this happens to 2015 cars as well. Has anyone else noticed this glitch? 
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After the July 20 patch:
Solved: my Error 41 issue, great, thanks!
 but even after the patch these still remain...

 Graphic glitches:
 Tire trails - cars making tire trails simply by just running on the track all throughout but then no tire marks when braking hard. So complete opposite of what should be.
Floating tires - in the pitlane, random 4 tires sitting there on a number of  pitboxes and sometimes floating tires moving around, presumably the pit crew have become "ghosts." Also saw one occasion in Spa at one corner 4 tires just sitting in that corner!
Side mirror glitch - one of the replay views where the camera is to the side of the sidepod, the main air intake side has the reflection of the opposite side mirror.
Also saw once, that weird spinning tire glitch on one of the cars as was posted already here on the forum.

Frame rate drop/slo-mo/Shuddering on some corners... and it's usually the all important corners and when I'm trying to make time to catch others!

Really enjoying the improved AI vs F1 2014, they really fight back and don't just give up easily! unfortunately... during practice, they keep pushing you off from the back as have been mentioned by many. In qualy, they don't move over for you on your hot lap. During the race, I'm in agreement with others, the AI's straight line speed seems to be too strong, I mean I'm on fresh option tires, right up close on the back of a lower/midfield car who is on old prime tires, and even with DRS, rich mix, using a Mercedes I don't seem to be closing in, when this situation happened to me on a straight using a Mercedes on a Manor, that convinced me something's not right! Also during the race, backmarkers don't move out of the way! They even race with you! Only saw once where a McLaren slowed and moved over, thanks Jenson :smile:
Legend AI difficulty... maybe not a glitch, but... well, they seem too perfect... I've been watching their onboard in the pits, and they're nailing the corners too perfectly every time... I see/hear their gear changes and throttle control, too robotic.. also no twitching or mistakes... well I guess maybe it's meant to be like that in Legend difficulty... they are AI after all... but I'm saying please improve, make them more "human" :smile: 

Damage physics: I'm sure you can do better or fix this. I'm with everybody who's said it already, it's totally unrealistic... full on collision to the wall and the nose, suspension, tires stays intact? I just re-watched Hungary 2014, remember Perez's crash on the pit wall? That wasn't full speed, but still, see all the debris that went flying around and the state of his car? I so enjoyed the damage mods people made for F1 2014, maybe take a page from their work!

My Wishlist:
FOV Customization: Please CM, there has to be a way to still introduce this for F1 2015! Always preferred racing in cockpit view for the "realistic" simulation, but of  course it's not 1:1 and we're all some distance from our screens, with our wheels and gamepads in our seating positions... and the default cockpit view is just too far and high up for me that I can't see the track ahead enough... for me  I've discovered a preferred specific cockpit view in order  for me to continue with my own  sim/illusion that I'm in the cockpit, but still race effectively and enjoy the game. So please, ability to adjust FOV, if only for cockpit and t-cam view, please, thanks!

Safety Car: Please try to put it back for 2015, (definitely for 2016!) It's a crucial part of the sport and can and has greatly affected the outcome of races, plus you already had it in your  previous game!

Career Mode: It's a nice addition, have played it, but unlike others, I don't miss it. To me it's just your name on the screen. Sure there's the paddock, emails, interviews, which team offers to accept, the whole role-playing bit... but for me I'm focused on the racing part, I can choose any team to try and besides, no driver in real life switches from team to team in one season anyways.... which leads me to a question: In this game, when I play say, Lewis... does my  Mercedes car get imbued with his attribute/skill/2014 etc standing vs. Rosberg's Mercedes? I presume no right? Just the 2015 car performance coded in, right?

Future/Dream wishlist:
Super photo realistic graphics... 4,5, 6K 100-200+ fps graphics :smile:  ... we're getting there right?

Commentated replay, that would be cool. Thank you for ability to change/watch other cars' cameras but it would be nice in replay if the replay focused on incidents crashes, overtakes etc. just like on TV and not just stay fixed on a specific car... as of now to see what just happened behind me, I cycle through the cars back and back and back as they go by to keep the scene on what the heck happened behind me.
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