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F1 2015 - Official Bugs, Glitchs and Requests List ( to help Codemasters fix that faster)


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Where is the Multiplayer Season?? Me and my dad have played 30/40+ seasons over the various games it's the main reason I buy the games as I can't be bothered playing racing games on my own I don't find them fun! I tried using the voice report that the car was over steering next thing I couldn't turn a corner like someone had slapped a steering lock on the car fortunately it was only practice but the increase was massive, I've turned all the sounds down to minimum except speech which I have put to 100% and I can still barely hear the engineer, so far my opinion of this game is not great, the only good thing I've noticed is in the multiplayer you can now set multiple tracks so you can actually do your own season with multiple players. Got the game on the Xbox One
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While playing the game in championship mode.

The first Australian race:

- The cars kept hitting me from the back constantly, without getting penalized.

- I was the only one to suffer during rain, while they kept going faster without skipping or tyre degradation.

- When using flashback while going out of the pits I was thrown to the straightline.

- Cars go from 20 second gap to overtaking me in just 2 corners.

The whole race was just like playing go karts with 5 year olds. And everytime I radio the engineer I will be having tyre problems and degradation.
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Even at high or ultra setting on the PC:

- Blurry graphics with TAA enabled
- Groups of cars appear / disappear on track because the LOD are too low.  This also is the case with the distance signs on the side of the track.
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PC Bugs Gameplay:
  • Reaching Q3 - can still choose freely if to start race on options or primes, not locked into my Q2 tires.
  • Pro Season starts with all assists on and I can't change it since assist changes are locked.
  • For some reason, don't know why, I suddenly have extreme brake wear according to info screen during practice.
  • Can only run rich setting for about three quarters of a lap before engine overheats and looses power. This results in that it is better to qualify with standard setting.
PC Bugs Graphics:
  • Graphics look all grainy, whichever setting is used.
  • Changing graphics in-race does not effect the graphics.
PC Needed Changes:
  • On PC, the voice recognition list needs more wait time since we can't use our voice, one needs to click through the list and often I don't reach the info I want before the list closes.
  • Can only change Brake Bias on track. Even if I change to front bias on track the rears  always lock first. Need to be able to change in garage to have bigger effect.
  • Where is the engine allocation for the year. I want to be able to choose between my four power units and have to manage practice running and so on.
  • The info screen in garage does not have enough information, I want weather forecast for the whole weekend, not only for one hour ahead.
  • There is always only one start strategy available per tire. I changed manually from two stop to three stop in a race and it was slightly faster but this strategy was not present as a preset.
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Hi all, xbox one. i finish Time Trial with a personal best, only it's not showing anyones times on the leaderboard. When i reset the game only 3/20 times of mine are visible. I've noticed static tyres on track. On Interlagos, my car almost flipped over for no reason (no contact with other cars) on the last corner. My car drove through the pit garages and appeared on the grid, lmao! I selected intermediate tyres then pitted only to leave pits with a new set of primes, so attempted to select intermediates again (twice) on way and also selected to pit in but yet again left pits with primes. 3rd time lucky but pit had realised i needed intermediate. I write my posts via Samsung Galaxy S2 & include paragraphs but unfortunately it doesn't show this on this forum?? I'll be uploading most of the bugs i've mentioned later via Upload on xbox if anyone (CM) cares to see. My gamertag is: Rand0m8
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Maysmor said:
Ps4 - Cars go into pitman and get stuck, happened on two different races now, i go in and also get stuck, seems to happen in wet weather.
Not just in wet weather. I just had an amazing 5th round race in championship mode and raikkonen was stuck at pit lane for last 9 laps. Dry weather. Also happened at Malaysia and Bahrain. Another bug is when you exit the pit lane doesnt let you shift. It stays in 2nd gear. Pls fix this because thats the reason you lose a lot of time and positions!!
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Unfortunately the driving aids like ABS and TCS are too OP. For one it is almost harder to run clean laps without the aids which is okay, but when you are able to run clean laps it is completely impossible to manage laptimes you did with driving aids.
A good example is when you test it on a track where it is important to have a good traction like in Hungary in the rain.
First I managed a solid laptime without driving aids which was good enough for the second place in the leaderboard but when I turn the driving aids on nothing was easier than to drive over one second faster on this short circuit.

That's a huge advantage you get from the driving aids so if you want to drive competitive laptimes in difficult conditions like in the rain you are forced to use it.
Please fix this and make sure that it isn't an advantage when you are using driving aids! :)

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After the last patch the game CTD when having my thrustmaster F430 attached.
Play on pc. Cannot map the buttons to my likings also, maybe this is becaus the games sees my wheel as a T100 :/
Aslo no FFB at all
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I assume that the stuttering and fps drop issues are well known by CM even after the game launch. Anyway I would like that someone could confirm that fps performance is an issue in specific track areas. I attach a little bit of my own gameplay, just as an example of stuttering at the first and second corner in Malaysia. Although this is not so noticeable at 30fps (frame rate of uploaded video), it is quite severe when playing being a big deal st some tracks. I only checked this issue on time trial but I assume this gets worse at multiplayer and races.  So far I have this issue to occur in:

Malaysia turn 1 and 2.
Bahrain, turn 5,6 and 7.
Canada turn 3, 4 and 5.
Austria, turn 3, high fps drop when the car is near the external kerb.
Hungary, turn 2 and chicane (turn 6 and 7).

Note: Monaco, Belgium and Italy were not checked.I have also noticed some other drop in fps randomly but all this was quite subtle.

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Playing in Standard Hopper, once i finished a race in 2nd position earning 18 points someone joined the lobby and was granted my points only for that person to leave, leaving me starting with no points. I'll be uploading the video on xbox.
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A few bugs that I've found in championship mode so far:

Xbox One

1. Engineer Volume is too low when you start the game.
2. AI are too aggressive when unlapping themselves on straights, they just drive into the back of you rather than overtaking in the gap which you've left them.
3.I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but when I was starting to accelerate in the pit exit after the pit limiter went off, I got disqualified for blocking in the pit lane when no one else had pitted.
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Playstation 4
Online multiplayer
Players 2+18 AI
Custom Lobby
Thrustmaster T500 with F1 Add-on

What happnened:
I started session and practicre there happens strange things. When I go to track, and start driving, Wheel feels strange. Feels like some other driving my car. When I go to corner wheel move automaticly to where corner is. After that game add to me racing line (I don't want racing line. I played this game serie since 2012 so, don't add anything what I didn't select). Sometimes feel that there is no weight at wheel. When I get wheel straight, wheel start vibrate like crazy.

Story continues. I decide to continue to qualifying. When I go to track game kick me out from match and said "Lost Connection to PlayStation network". Still I can talk with my friend in party and my friend can still drive qualifying in that lobby.
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In Championship Season, Lewis Hamilton does not qualify properly in Q3. He always stays in the garage until around 2-3 mins before the end but is given a random time of around 3.5 seconds off the pace and starts in 8th, despite being quick enough for pole (after watching his lap). This has happened in every race so far for me.

Long weekend, full qualifying, 100% distance, PS4.
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