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DiRT Rally 2.0 Anti-Cheat Measures

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In addition to our already-existing anti-cheat measures, we have made some recent improvements on our backend to detect fraudulent activity.


One of those improvements has been enhancements of our support for Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), for the Steam version of the game.

For more information on VAC please see this article.


If you're using third party modifications for DiRT Rally 2.0 (such as liveries or cameras) on Steam, please check with the mod's creator that any modifications made do not trigger VAC.

Codemasters can not provide technical support on any queries made regarding usage of third party modifications. Usage of these mods is entirely at your own risk.



Additionally, if you come across any trainers or similar exploitative software online, please email details of it to custservice@codemasters.com so that the VAC database can be improved upon.

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