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  • A detailed description of the issue.  -> When players leave a lobby they start as ghosts in the next race
  • Platform -> PS4 Pro
  • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) -> 1.09
  • Ranked/Unranked/Leagues -> Unranked lobbies
  • Wired or Wireless Connection? -> Wired connection
  • The amount of players in your session? -> Doesn't care (3-20)
  • Were you the host? -> Sometimes, but the issue also occurs when I am not the host
  • Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see? -> Same issue for them (played with 2-3 friends)
  • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? -> Sure, this is an issue which occurs since release
  • How do you make the problem happen? -> Playing races in unranked lobbies
  • Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here. -> I can try it next time
  • Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? -> No videos recorded yet 
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  • Administrator

Hi @PaddySk,

Thanks for the report.

As well as the report code (which you can also get from the pause menu while in-session), can you add a step by step guide on how to replicate this? What I need is:

  •  Game Settings for the lobby? Is 'ghosting' on or off?
  •  Video covering when the user leaves the lobby, and proof that they ghost for the next race.
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Hi Barry,

thanks for your fast response.

I will check the report code next time. 

- Ghosting is on, as we prefer a lobby with ghosting in some situations (lapping, accidents etc.) -> I will post the other settings later

- Yes I try, shouldn't be a big thing to record a video

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  • 7 months later...

Hi @BarryBL,

I will check for a report code and video soon as the bug ist still there (hopefully solved in F1 2021).

Unfortunately my friends and me always need to change the cars (e. g. from F1 to Muliplayer) as host after races in unranked lobbies to kick out the ghost drivers.

Otherwise some people who left the lobby are marked in red but participate at the next race as ghost drivers. 

See the example below - usually there are several red marked drivers who won't be removed automatically. 


League of Europe | F1 2020 | S4 Division 5 | Round 14 | Japan - YouTube

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