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[TT] Leaderboards Fail to Load/Communicating with Online Services Collated Topics


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Hi Barry,

Regarding the Time Trial leaderboards failing to load (which I think also ties in with Communicating with Online Services forever hanging), I've gone through the threads and found all posts regarding this topic. Hopefully this can raise enough awareness for this to be looked into. The top post has a bug report in which should provide all information. 

As a summary:

  • after a period of time (5-~25 mins), the global and friends leaderboards stop loading in Time Trial.
  • Upon exiting time trial when this happens, the game infinitely loops on "Communicating with Online Services".
  • The game also can infinitely loop on "Communicating with Online Services" upon leaving multiplayer after a session.

(I've just seen your reply regarding opening port 3074 for TCP and UDP and will try that today).


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