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Sochi Disconnect

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I've had some of my best and most fun duels at Sochi.  I have passed or been passed at Turns 2, 3, and 4, the heavy-braking zone at the end of the long DRS on the back straight, and even the last two turns.  And Collision Avoidance seems to have eliminated the odd Sprint Race issue in which the P7 car could ram the P6 car off the track at the last turn before the duel started.  It's a fun track to drive.  But then you watch the real F1 race there and it's kind of blah.  Other than a few passes at some of those same spots, there is not a lot of action, especially for the leaders.  I wonder what the disconnect is.  Maybe it's just that Sochi looks so plain, flat, and barren as a viewer compared to Spielberg, Spa, and others.  Driving it is fun, but watching is bland.

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