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Scenary in Dirt Rally 2.0

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Hi everyone,


I am a big fan of the dirt series for more then 10 years now. Diry Rally 2.0 is my absoluut favorite rallygame of alltime. I also played some other big rally titles like WRC 9. To be honest, i think that dirt rally 2.0 is better in a lot of ways then WRC 9. But there is one thing that really stands out in WRC games that does not is the same within Dirt rally 2.0. As the title says, this is the scenary. If i ride a stages in WRC, i always know how far in the stage i am because of different sceneray objects like houses, bridges etc. In the dirt rally 2.0 game the graphics are great! But the diversity of scenary is kinda low. Because if this every part of the stage looks the same and i cannot recognize different part of the stages as good as in for example WRC 9. I don't want to be a critic because is think that Dirt rally 2.0 really drives great, looks great and has alot of content. But this is just my feedback on what could make Dirt rally 3.0 (and all other dirt series games) an even better rally game in my opinion.

What do you guys think of my argument?



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