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Logitech G29 Gas Pedal Won’t Register


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I just got a Logitech g29 about a month ago and have been playing on ps4 only up until today. I wanted to try using it on my pc which works fine with assetto corsa using content manager. I do have the shifter. I tried to play f1 2019 But when I went to the input settings it Detects the clutch pedal as the throttle pedal and when I press the throttle pedal it won’t do anything until I let go of the pedal. It sets it as “z-“. Idk how. I saw that project cars 2 could be an issue so I uninstalled it with geek uninstaller and it did not work. I uninstalled Logitech G Hub with geek and reinstalled it and nothing. I restarted my pc and nothing. G Hub detects all pedals as they should be and rotation angle from left all the way to the right at 900 degrees. I played f1 2018 on ps4 and it works perfectly but f1 2019 on pc does not work properly. I was not able to test in game due to the fact I cannot accelerate so I did not try to drive. I verified integrity of the files with steam and unchecked all controller settings in big picture mode except the focused button box aka the very top option. Did not try it on any other games. F1 2019 version is at latest which is 1.22. Unpaired my ps4 controller. Only thing plugged in or context via Bluetooth is my Corsair harpoon mouse and royal kludge 60% wireless keyboard. Both connected thru Bluetooth. 

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