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Overlord 2 DLC

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I just want to say that two games in particular have held a special place in my heart for years and years. Overlord 1 and 2 were amazing. The mood struck me to go out and pillage with my little minions in a new playthrough of both games when I noticed that Overlord 2 was missing the Battle Rock Nemesis DLC. I loved this DLC and the epic boss fights are still fondĀ memories. I would love to see this DLC or perhaps re-releases of both games come to PC as I love reliving the experiences from good games long ago. I even bought Kingdoms of Amalur Re-reckoning.

CodeMasters, if you're reading this please consider bringing the battle rock to Overlord 2 for PC so that my minions can slay the bosses (Phoenix) once more.

Fellow Overlords, I'd also love to hear about your fondest memories in the Overlord games where too šŸ˜ƒ

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