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Logitech g923 vs thrustmaster t300rs gt

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Hi guys 

I reside in South Africa and the T300rs gt is more expensive than the Logitech G923 for the ps4/5

I have already pre ordered the G923 and am new to the f1 game but I'm a avid f1 fan 

Thrustmaster t300rs gt $628

Logitech g923 $543

Am I making a mistake in buying the G923 or should I buy the Thrustmaster. Fanatec csl is out of my price range 

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Well, I should be able to offer some opinion.

I used the G29 for about 4 years, mainly with F1 and Dirt Rally as well as some Assetto Corsa. Out of all three, the force feedback felt worst in the Codies F1 games, but I found it very nice for Dirt Rally and decent for Assetto Corsa, most of the time anyways. In F1 games the main problem is that you kind of have to choose between a vague steering and one that wants to rip of your wrists. I'm sure you'll have a great time with it though, I did for sure, even with its shortcomings. The main problem of the G29 is the brake pedal, which is atrocious for accurate braking. I'm talking about G29 because that's what I had and for all intent and purpose it's exactly the same wheel as the G923, and which in turn was exactly the same as the G27 (have that one as well) in terms of FFB. Basically Logitech has sold three generations of the same wheel by adding a few buttons here and there. The new version has some kind of a vibration thing, but I don't think it's supported by the Codies F1 game yet.

In any case, a couple of months ago I bought the T300RS GT for a good bargain and I have not been disappointed. My braking has improved dramatically and so has my driving, albeit after an adjustment period. It doesn't feel quite as choppy or vague in terms of FFB and the pedals are a mile ahead. Interestingly, though, it has taken me a long time (thousands of laps) to achieve about the same level of control and recovery when the back-end snaps out, especially in the wet. I'm not sure what the effect is called, perhaps oscillation, when the wheel wants to go back and forth like a pendulum. I'm quite certain the effect wasn't even closely as severe with the G29. My main concern with the T300 is that the attachment between the base and the rim comes loose while driving, making the wheel start to flex. It might be because hard-mounted on a rig and the forces applied take the route of least resistance. I read there's some kind of a bit sold in the net to fix that problem, but so far I've been content to tighten it on the main straight with one hand when needed.

All in all, if you haven't raced with other wheels, you will not be disappointed with the Logitech. They're also super durable. I used a G27 and a G29 for ten years and never had a single problem.

Performance and comfort wise the Thrustmaster is clearly better in my opinion. The durability is a bit of a concern and I'm not too optimistic of it running much past its warranty period, but I could be wrong. I would have a tough time accepting a world in which I had to revert back to the G29, in F1 games at least.

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