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...Flatout achievement


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Well its weird, but i searched a couple of videos on Youtube about this achievement and noticed that on a Very Hard difficulty there are some strange stuff.

For example in a stage Finland 1992 my J.Clement (1st place guy) has a really good time - like 03:22 on a second race, while in those videos he had something like 03:29, i managed to get a very good time (03:24) but still couldnt get even close to 10th place.

Was it some patch for a Flat Out pack or something? How to beat this race now? It it even possible?

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Yeah, well thank you for the reply! But why make SO much harder? ūüė쬆It's like 8 or 10 seconds less time for a player needed to complete those Finland stages on the 1st place, than¬†it was before...

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From the patch notes:


Colin McRae Scenarios (difficulty):

The following Scenarios have had their difficulty adjusted based on player data to provide a smoother difficulty curve:

  • Scotland 1988 - Slightly easier.
  • Wales 1988¬†- Slightly easier.
  • Sweden 1989¬†- Slightly easier.
  • New Zealand 1989¬†- Slightly easier.
  • Scotland 1991¬†- Slightly easier.
  • Scotland 1992¬†- Slightly easier.
  • Greece 1994 -¬†Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario.
  • New Zealand 1994¬†- Slightly harder.
  • Australia 1995¬†- Slightly harder.
  • Wales 1995¬†- Slightly harder.
  • Argentina 1998¬†- Slightly harder.
  • Germany 2002 - Slightly harder.
  • Scotland 2004 - Slightly easier.
  • Australia 2005 - Slightly harder.
  • Scotland 2006 - Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario.


We didn't change Finland. Sometimes you just get a fast AI but if you do a new Scenario from scratch is evens out.

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