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F1 2021 Feature Requests - End Game


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First and foremost, I approach most things in life with objective eyes. I can only begin to fathom the amount of time and financial investment that goes into the development of any video game, the frustration that goes along with accepting feedback from countless subjectively minded individual's opinions on where a development team's priorities should lie, and the ability to continually improve a product with such a high investment that only seems to be ridiculed on a daily basis.

So with that said - THANKYOU to CODEMASTERS for your continuous improvement and hard work to improve your product, and providing hundreds of thousands of gamers world-wide with such an enjoyable racing experience.

With F1 2020 being the flagship of the MyTeam saga, I feel like this feature was rolled out extremely well, with a very easy to navigate and user-friendly UI, and a welcome addition to the already dominant career mode that's so highly sought after in the sim world. With F1 2020, the end game of MyTeam has much to look forward to. It's not there yet, but what could become is exciting.

Now for the suggestions. I know there's been a lot of negative feedback regarding MyTeam in that you "cap out" very early on if you're not careful in maintaining realism. Users are forced to limit their facility upgrades, avoid lucrative sponsorships, avoid generating RP, and limit the spending of the easily acquired RP, all for the sake of delaying the inevitable - the end game.

In order to keep the user group invested, we need a little more to work towards (end game). We will happily pay for DLC, skins, liveries, helmets, logos, badges etc. For the sake of this post, and to stay on track with the title, working towards a long term and seemingly unachievable goal will keep your game relevant for much longer than 1 year before the next game is rolled out.

What I suggest/ would love to see available in F1 2021 for MyTeam:

  1. MyTeam starts with you, a seasoned F1 driver going into your last race of the season for the championship. You're tied with another driver so if you win, you get the championship, if you lose, you lose. Once the race is over you decide to retire and start your own F1 team (MyTeam). You draft your first driver (which will be your main character), and select your 2nd. You operate the sim functions as the CEO of MyTeam, and you test, practice, attend PR events, and race as the main driver.
  2. In game funds can be used to purchase rare liveries, helmets, clothing etc. Make the cost high.
  3. Facility upgrade costs should be increased 10-fold from what they are currently
  4. Car stats at bottom of the pack at start of MyTeam career
  5. Staff upgrades - you can currently select your 2nd driver, upgrade their stats, choose their activities etc. You can sort of upgrade your department staff 2020 with activity perks to give them a morale boost. In 2021, let us choose our chief engineer, department leads, pit crew, and upgrade their ability to perform accordingly (ie- wage, incentive bonuses, training). Depending who you choose, this affects the efficiency and performance of that department.
  6. Contract violations (not meeting sponsor goals, backing out of driver contracts) put a team into court litigation (simulated) resulting in lawyer fees, budget cuts, or downsizing.
  7. Customization of pit crew clothing and colors - separate from Team Colors and driver customizations
  8. Custom engine manufacturers - MyTeam decides they want to develop their own PU. Development of the PU takes time and money (a lot). Maybe it takes 4 full seasons to develop, but once you do, you now don't pay Honda/Renault/Ferrari/Mercedes for them to make one for you. You can sell your PU to other teams to bring in more money.
  9. Fines ($$) for penalties, dangerous driving/maneuvers, collisions etc. MyTeam also gets penalized for giving offensive responses during interviews.
  10. MyTeam test track and headquarters - you start with a small HQ with an outsourced test track. You slowly make money and eventually make enough to sell your building and buy a new building with it's own test track and department facilities, increasing you acclaim, good press, brand, and ability to stress test components (real time or simulated).
  11. Facility upgrade's bottlenecked based on current facility size/location - with the above suggestions (#10), your facility should only be able to be upgraded to a certain level depending where you are and how big your HQ is. Eg. If your HQ is a 2000sq.ft. garage, you can only upgrade each facility to level 1 or 2. You need to change your HQ location/size to be able to further upgrade each facility.
  12. Increased driver level MAX - Currently at 30. Make it go up to 100.
  13. End Game Podium Pass - New liveries, helmets, clothing etc. unlocked only after level 30. Continue with rewarding players with common liveries etc. up to and beyond level 30, but give the option to buy an end game podium pass for end game content after level 30, 50, whatever...the really good stuff.
  14. Travel - all teams have to get their entire team across the world on a weekly basis which takes time. Travel time should be shown in the calendar. Random transportation incidents apply - eg. trucks break down causing you to miss FP1/FP2/FP3 or drive someone else's car, private jet gets delayed at airport/customs, tires don't arrive at track. You can choose to pay a fee to avoid the delay (sending your F2 trucks to pickup the team or something), suffer from a 1 race decrease in your pace stat because you missed practice (not sure the actual rules on missing practice), or only have a few sets of tires to use all weekend.
  15. Promotional races - MyTeam sponsors charity races which costs $$, but your team gets acclaim boosts. You drive in these races. Maybe it's a Go Kart race. MyTeam branding is shown everywhere on race day.
  16. Alumni Races - you can host an Alumni Race with all of the drivers who have retired from the sport over the course of the play through.
  17. Retiring main driver - you can at any point retire your main driver from F1 which starts your MyTeam career over, however since your team is no longer a "new" F1 team, you keep your team's stats, but your driver character becomes new again. You can also choose whether to just select a new main driver for your existing MyTeam career, or your main driver that you're retiring can start his/her own F1 team, starting from scratch.


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