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Onrush Ranked Games don't start

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Hello everyone,

i find it unacceptable that classified onrush sessions don't start anymore.
We could even talk about programmed obsolescence.
Ok we've already gone through it 3-4 times but there are a lot of new players since the world confinement and they are entitled to the classified seasons!
In the meantime we do customs every night...
How can we still trust codemasters in these conditions?
Why should you buy DIRT5 if they have the same fate in store for you?
Give us back Onrush's classified seasons!
Onrush is alive! So are we!


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They remove it from the server XBOX and PS4

but some players playing Onrush all days !!!

What's this politic of games CODEMASTERS?

You're going to do the same with DIRT5?

you see the price of DIRT5 and the future Need for Speed remastered?

Need For Speed is alive...ONRUSH IS DEAD and i think DIRT5 to on 2 years

don't buy DIRT5 !!! he's dead on future month ! same Onrush

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