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[a lot of bug] [return to the lobby, traffic lights and fps bugs]

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1) when I went back to the lobby, and I took control of the car again, the traffic lights did not appear, and the FPS had dropped drastically, and in addition, the force feedback of the steering wheel (T300) was jerky
the FPS thing also happens if you enter Q in progress

3) version of end september 

4) unranked

5) wireless connection

6) 14 player

7) no i wasn't the host

8 it happens to everyone who re-enters the lobby after leaving it

9) it happened because I came back

10) sometimes it resolves by exiting again and then re-entering, but it doesn't always work

11) I don't have the report code at that time (it happened during a championship match, I can't pause)

12) no, its registered

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