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Interlagos fuel bug?


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In my first season on My Team career, I'm at the Brazillian GP doing a 100% race. I go into race strategy to set my fuel load and tyre choices and as I go to lower my fuel it suddenly goes from 72.9 laps to 91.2 laps(race is 71 laps) and that's apparently at the lowest fuel load.

So I quit the game and re-load the race, but this time I don't change my fuel load but I do check that it went back to the default 72.9 laps(it did). I start the race and notice that I've gone from +1.89 down to +0.51 with in 3 laps on standard fuel mix. I then put my fuel mix to lean and I find that I still have to coast into the corners and quick switch gears in order to maintain a level fuel load.

I would just like to point out that I do not have any of the fuel efficiency upgrades in the R&D tree, but this is the first time I've had this issue. I did do a few things differently before I started the race, such as I turned the formation lap on and I also did the race strategy practice program in lean fuel mix.

I'm playing on PC, windows 10 and I play in DX12.

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