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Option to use created driver name in multiplayer lobbies

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Post/title. I would love to see an option for the host in multiplayer lobbies to set your created driver's name in place of your Gamertag/PSN/Steam ID. Some of us run multiplayer seasons and it would be nice for immersion to see my name as TAK (Takashima) on the timing table instead of just "armedhylander".

Maybe have three options:

Name: display only created driver's name.

ID: display Gamertag/PSN/Steam ID (default)

Name and ID: display the created driver's name with your ID next to it in parenthesis. For example, in the lobby it displays as follows: Kasumi TAKASHIMA (armedhylander)

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Would be quite difficult to implement due to Microsoft/Sony/Steam wanting to use the Gamertags to identify players. 

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