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So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...


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8 minutes ago, tarrantino said:

I’m going to add to this. I was completing Singapore FP3. Bit of context as it started dry but quickly went wet. it dried out at the end with 6 minutes left so everyone went into the pits bar Gasly. So he completes his first two laps and was completing lap 3 when the session ended. 

If you look at the video, his first sector is a 27.586 and then the session ends. Not surprised he jumped ahead of me with the usual ending session bug but wondered where he gained the time because it wasn’t stand out as the track was transitioning. 

You’ll see he completed an additional THREE LAPS!

We all know weird things go on with skipping but @BarryBL three laps? 


Incredible, well I think it shouldn't be so hard to fix: few seconds to go, only a last lap allowed, isn't it @BarryBL?

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On 11/17/2020 at 2:59 PM, AdamFreeman said:

So seems my team is way too easy looking at this thread which is annoying.

Would not doing any practise programs atall help atall with all this?

Like you want to improve as a backmarker but you want a steady realistic climb

Not that I have tried this, but in your initial seasons sign the worst sponsors which should slow down your ability to purchase facility upgrades. Sign the worst engines as well. That should slow your climb. Also not protecting against reg changes, but doing it all from scratch the following year should keep you down longer.


For me, as of season 4 I have the best car and maxed facilities. So the champion will either be me, or my teammate. If I raise AI for the other drivers to be in the fight then my teammate will win everything. So by shutting down the personnel department, his bonuses vanish and I can compete at an AI that brings other teams into play. In the middle of season 6 I have a rediculous amount of cash and R&D points saved with nothing to spend them on. A reg change in all 4 departments could be covered off in one go.

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17 minutes ago, Aef251 said:

Not that I have tried this, but in your initial seasons sign the worst sponsors which should slow down your ability to purchase facility upgrades. Sign the worst engines as well. That should slow your climb. Also not protecting against reg changes, but doing it all from scratch the following year should keep you down longer.

This is a workaraound, but i don't like it. Would be the same as to say we drive a bit slower to be not the best. This isn't the spirit of the sport in my opinion. Best way would be a difficulty slider in the options as claimed the last two years.

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What I recon now in my 4th season is,that R&D isn't that big factor.

I have Leclerc driving in a midfield Ferrari (acc R&D) and he is always top 4 in the grid in qualy same for Verstappen. LEC just got pole in Spain, and HAM 3rd in a top Mercedes,which is pretty cool I find. My car is the best but the challenge is still given with my sliders.

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On 10/11/2020 at 9:09 PM, DRT-Apophis said:

Personally I think it's more than enough atm, there aren't enough changes between seasons to keep things fresh.

May be they should have a few different R&D trees for each department (that have different point requirements to progress and maxed-out stats are varies), then the game randomly pick one every time when there are rule changes.

Or that when rule change happens the game allows you to tweak the rules in the settings before the season starts. For example:

  • If there's engine rule change, there could be options for players to change the maximum KERS deployment per lap, or maximum engine power and etc.
  • If aero is what affected, it could be options to adjust the base value of drag or downforce or slimpstream/dirty air effectiveness and such.

Or at least just let us edit the full calendar after season one.  

Or even better, let us adjust each AI team's base performance & potential progression speed at the start of new season.

So on and so on...


Been able to adjust base performance . And rnd speed is a brilliant idea . . Even just the rnd speed . Could make it a lot more interesting and you.could shape the grid which ever way you want . But then saying that ain't the fetching some type of developing token system out next year . So going to be interesting how that's pit into the game 

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2 hours ago, PaulLynch said:

Been able to adjust base performance . And rnd speed is a brilliant idea . . Even just the rnd speed . Could make it a lot more interesting and you.could shape the grid which ever way you want . But then saying that ain't the fetching some type of developing token system out next year . So going to be interesting how that's pit into the game 

I also think the current R&D development pace needs some adjustment.

The tree should be reverse, where Major or Ultimate upgrades should be much earlier in the development stage (major breakthrough should be done way before you start perfecting every details), and as your facilities and progress goes on, the late stages upgrades will become less and less significate because you're at this stage of "diminishing return".

This "diminishing return" stage can then be expend to such extend that even with multiple seasons without rule change you still won't be able to reach the end of the tree (yet the cost of these upgrades should remain high). Of course the effects of these late upgrades has to be so insignificant that it won't make the car handles unrealistically, but the accumulation of them will still make a difference. 

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On 10/9/2020 at 1:56 PM, Erudain said:

And I want to share my experience and the stuff I found out.
I actually raced up until midways throught the 8th season, at that point I was spending more time trying to figure out the AI more than racing and said "screw it" and simulated the 2nd half of the 8th season and all the 9th and 10th (more on that later). 


Team story:
Started the first season running 50% races and 98 AI, finished the 1st season 9th in WCC, 4th the 2nd season, won my first WDC and WCC the 3rd season but my car was ranked 3rd in overall performance. Maxed the car and facilities in season 4 and from there on I won 5 other WDC straight and 7 more WCC (ignore the "laps driven" and "kilometers" since the game doesn't count simulated laps as "driven")
Team mate was Lando, who won the last 2 WDC.
Some funny stuff, Kimi retired at my 3rd season, Grosjean, Seb and Lewis never did, so they were racing at 45 and 43 and Seb still in Ferrari. Max retired in the 7th season, Stroll in the 6th (guess daddy ran out of cash), the last 2 seasons the top 4 guys battling where Lando (my Team), Leclerc (Ferrari and then McLaren), George (Ferrari) and Gasly (Mercedes).

So lets start going step by step.


As you can see on the screenshot I ended up with over 1B cash, and over 200k resource points. 
From season 6th and onwards every "rule change from next season" was useless other than an engine rule change. Both you and the AI have so many resources that can adapt every part and completely negate the change. I've had full rules change in the 4 departments, announced as late as Brazil GP, and not make a dent in any team performances for the next season.
The only exception is the engine packs that are delivered by the developer, which seems to be random on how many packs will be reset and next season upgrades delivery times. This does affect the AI more than you since you can simply change to the new best engine in the off season and have a couple of races ahead while the other engines develop.

Maybe for future games the solution could be resource points expiring over a while to avoid this, and having to re adapt facilities for the new rules to spend some cash, or other expenses like ordering extra gearboxes or engine parts actually costing money, or getting cash fines for penalties, etc.

By the way the Porsche livery is from Racing_Legend_420 excellent mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/porsche-99x-hybrid-full-team-package.34503/


Aero: your team has the best aero possible. The 2nd best seems to be RB and McLaren.
Chassis & Durability: all teams have the same level.
Engine: Other than the staring point at a new game or after a rule change all engines are equal once they are maxed out (100 performance / 100 reliability), so it's just a choice of what sound you like more. Engine is the only random spec you get in R&D since you don't know when upgrades will come. You might have changed to a Ferrari PU after a rule chnage because they had a 90/95 rate, but only to find out their upgrades wont come until next season meanwhile maybe a 80/90 Honda engine has 4 upgrades dropping in 3 months and ends up as the best engine for that season.



Oh boy here comes the pain... AI seems to be extremelly impacted by upgrades and drivers pace/racecraft upgrades.
I played the first 4 seasons at 98 AI, that was enought to be 9th the 1st season and win titles the 3rd and 4th season. In season 5 Lando hits the 100/100 racecraft/pace with the same car, and I start to notice he's getting 0.500-0.600s better times in qualys, I can still beat him in race because the AI stupid things like doing 2 stops when 1 will do, or me starting on mediums and he on softs. By season 6th the qualy gap can go up to 1sec in some tracks, also as the other teams also start to max out other AI start to beat me in qualys, I had to lower the AI to 94 to qualy among the top 5. By season 7th I'm barely making it to Q3 with the best car, I end up cheesing my way to qualys like blocking other cars in Q2 or lowering the AI below 90 or even 85 in some tracks. Again, you can still beat most of them in race pace because of the stupid thing the AI does but by the time you are 2nd your teammate is 25secs ahead of you. I've started to notice some wierd things, like in Monza, having the best car, the best engine and the AI goes by you in a straight like if you were using a Monaco set up.
By season 8th I had enough of that, when I secured the title I simed the rest of that season 9th and 10th befor Abu will I will race next.

Btw you can also check on season 10 results that "your driver" AI when simulating is around average, it never beats your teammate and has a lot of ups and downs depending the track, race 1 to 8 I had the best engine after a rule change so my car was sllightly better, once other teams catched up, I started to drop in the simulation.



So in the end. 
TL; DR: was it worth it?...yeah to see how the game behaves, but I don't think I'll do it again. Most likely for a new Career (when the performance patch hits maybe?) I'll paly until season 5 or 6th and start over.

Thank you this is probably the best answer to my question I could have ever asked for thank you once again 

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Coming back to this topic, i am now in season 5,best car in the grid but it is not boring at all...Mercedes leads the constructors and driver championship. I have Vettel as teammate with 99ovr rating but he is just 3rd in the chsmpionship and i am 4th. So even i have the best car the challenge is more than given. 1st is Leclerc in the Mercedes, 2nd Albon in the Red Bull. Bottas just won the last race with me 2nd no chance catching him. So i cannot confirm R&D makes it boring. I have not won any championship now...well 4 1/2 seasons to go to get one 🤪

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Some great tips and info on here thanks guys. I'm new to playing F1 after playing it alot a few yaers ago and have just started my 4th season in MYTEAM. At the end of the 3rd season my car was 4th in performance comparison but at the end of my 3rd season i kept getting a warning message saying that any upgrades I do will not be fitted on my car next season? Now to start my 4th season I am last in performance comparison and my car sounds and drives completely different... At 1st i thought maybe the 2022 cars were updated into the game hence why the upgrades would not stay on the car but after researching it I can't see this anywhere so i am guesing that's not the case.... Any tips around this and what I need to do in the future to not lose all my upgrades as it's made me not want to play the game after really enjoying it for the 1st 3 seasons. Cheers

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It would be nice if some reg changes are so different that you cannot protect parts of the car. And if the trees were more a mystery (you only see the next possible upgrade) and they change when the regs change so you do not know which way to develop first to max you cars.


Currently the game gets very stale very fast in My Team and Career.

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