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what about a fast pit stop during Qualifying?


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Hi, I would like to suggest a small feature, something like a "call for the box during Qualifying" (click a button or radio message or whatever) to ask them a fast change with the best tires available of my chosed compound rather then entering the box normally, waiting the car to be moved inside the garage losing so much time... I know this usually does not happen in the real but, in some conditions, it may be pretty useful, look at this scenario:

I'm running a Qualifying session, I start my lap at 4 minutes to go, I make a mistake, I reach the box at -2 minutes -> game over -> too slow procedure in the box to try another flying lap! With a race style pit stop I would be able to run again!

Thanks for reading (and hopefully for considering it) :classic_smile:


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I get what you're saying, but when you left the garage for your qualifying lap, you'll have left the garage with just enough fuel for an out lap, hotlap and then an inlap. Therefore if you're planning to come in in the middle, you'll not have enough fuel to go back out and complete your lap and you are only allowed to refuel in the garage.


With that being said, it would be good if the mechanics got a frigging move on!! Far too casual 😆

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