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How do I set some controlls to "unassigned" on my wheel?

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PS4 and Logitech G29.  Trying to customize the settings on my LG 29.  Getting conflicts.  So I go to one I wish to make "unassigned" and select it, but it keeps waiting for new button choice.  When I put in nothing, it reverts to original conflicted selection.  So how do I unassiagn buttons from "look back", etc?

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I remember I was once equally baffled with the same question. There was some kind of an obvious answer that made me feel quite silly, but it's been a while since I had to assign any controls. Are you sure there isn't something like an "unbind" function, perhaps with the "options" button? I don't think that can be assigned for anything in-game, so it would make sense. I will check it tomorrow if someone hasn't already come up with a definitive answer by then.

Oh, and I'm about 90% sure you can only unassign/unbind a control before selecting it. What I'm saying is, you have a list of controls, but if you press x on a control, you can only assign a button for it. Scroll the list to the desired control function, but don't press x. I think there's a tooltip for unbinding a button.

There's an upside to spelling on a computer compared to a pen, though. You can easily edit your post without making it look like a mess. :classic_rolleyes:

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