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Cheating since 2017


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Hi, Codemasters,

I don't know if you guys can help me but we have a serious problem in GRID (2019). 
The community, unfortunately, became small and in paragon with other game community is really a small percentage. The problem is really simple, we have people in this small community who using cheats every single day and we know unfortunately cheating becomes easy in every kind of game and is almost impossible to stop it, but that why today we call you, yes I say we because we are more than 30 persons who want ask you to ban these people, we took enough evidence and record everything during the last months to prove what we are talking about. 
Please don't think this mail came only for me, this mail is the result of more than 30 persons... like I said, and we're ready to sign any kind of things because we love to play this amazing game but we like to play in the cleanest way possible and the people who use the same account from years didn't get any ban or they never get caught. 
I hope you guys can check these persons and let they get some kind of ban from steam, we're really tired of it after more than 1 year.
We kick them out and they come with fake account every single time, they are ruining our game experience and this a kind of bullying where we cannot answer back
Let us know what we can do for help you or just send to us some dev for a night and let him stay with us in discord with a normal account so he can see by his own eyes
The same id steam, the same person from years guys, what we have to do for delete this cancer?
Sorry for my English and Thanks in advance
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I am here to support you against who is using unfair advantages.

We are a small community, I bought this game 3 months ago, it was a expensive game.

After seeing this videos, and searching on youtube about cheaters programs I realize HOW EASY is to use such hacks!!!

Coldmaster, we know there is some feature on multiplayer to kick from lobby who is cheating but this is not enough.
How hard is to implement some kind of anti-cheating?

Have you guys abandon the GRID 2019?

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