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30 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

False. Your Windows configuration changes dynamically.

The individual configuration, the order of installation.

I would always advocate updating whatever hardware you have then performing a controlled installation of Windows with known working drivers and only the game and it's dependencies / prerequisites.

Troubleshooting 101.

You could introduce any variable in software or configuration that causes an issue and it does not mean it's the game that is required to change.

Ok, got it. We clearly have different oppinions about this matter and I don't want to ruin my or anyone elses day.

We (my friend and I) might try a clean installation of Windows ect. as you stated. Thank you for the tip.

Only thing I want to say, is that it's really unfortunate that there are multiple reported cases similiar to this problem. Main thing is to get the game working as it should. My point was, that we should not deny the possibility that there is something wrong with how the game installs or in the fbb of the game, bacause I am not the only one with this issue.

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