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Miscellaneous suggestions

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1. I would like the water-effect on the side windows to be greatly reduced in intensity during heavy rain. I only play in helmet camera and losing the side window makes it incredibly hard to drive because you cannot see the apex in tight turns anymore and you lose the sense of speed becuase the FOV is somewhat decreased.
2. Why on earth would you use an overall time ranking system in monthly challenges with several rallies? A points based system such as in the clubs would be way better. In an overall time based ranking you cannot compensate for a crash in one rally with superb performance on the other rallies. In a points based system you can, which is far more authentic.
3. There are too few gravel spec setup slots for all the cars, I also agree with a previous post that you should be able to edit setups from the garage or even from the car selection screen of time trial.
4. I would love more stages for the existing locations, for example: Torsby in Sweden, Ruuhimäki for Finland, Freisen or/and Grafschaft for Germany, Wedding Bells for Australia, etc.
5. I would appreciate a more transparent competitive game. For example it would be nice to know on which tires my opponents in a club have gone out for example.
6. Please make the tyre-choice system more transparent. The whole community is just guessing how it works and nobody knows for sure. I would love to have some data to analyze my decisions (like wear percentage at different points of the stage). We are not even sure e.g. whether the driving style has an influence on the tyre wear.
7. Some objects like those little wooden posts or some bushes are way to massive when you hit them.
8. if there were adjustable pace notes, this would be a dream come true


I agree with a big part of the community in the following points

- we need more realistic damage
- a way to share tuning setups

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