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G29 slow speed turning issues


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Hi Everyone,

I am playing F1 2020 and using a logitech G29. Having issues at low speed turning. Like in australian GP last turn. The car turns but I loose any momentum or feel in the wheel. The weight in the steering is lost and I many times skid.

I use 340 degrees rotation and centre spring strength at 2, 50 sensitivity. In game steering lineriaty at 15 and wheel damper at 10.

Kindly help with this. What settings should i use. I play on PC (steam).


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This isn't an issue with your wheel or the wheel settings.  I have the same wheel.  The handling model in the game is what causes this.  At low speeds in F1 2020, there is no momentum and no grip, so the wheel loses all of it's weight.  The way to counteract this is to go back on the throttle almost as soon as you stop breaking.  Very very lightly at first, slowly adding more throttle as you exit the turn.  This helps to maintain momentum and grip.  

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