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F1 2020 unable to PIt for new Tyres at Singapore


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On PS4 Easing in to the game on Casual Mode in My Team. At Singapore cannot enter the pits during the race even though the pit crew keep calling me in and changing the strategy. Tried overriding by changing my tyre choice and asking to come in.Game keeps forcing me past the pit Lane entry.  Tried restarting the session but it made no difference.

To add to the problem the pit crew called me in every lap. It started raining and despite being on dry tyres found myself leading by 30 seconds as every other car pitted. Eventually was caught up but cars were able to drive through me as though I was a ghost car. 

A few laps later the rain was heavier and the other cars went to full wets. Somehow found myself back in the lead. This time when I was caught up the cars had to overtake normally. Managed to hang on in to third place and was then disqualified on the last lap for not using both sets of dry tyres in a wet race.

missed out on sponsorship and acclaim points only to appear before the press who congratulated me on a great race.

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