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Fanatec Steering Wheel - Try Mapping buttons on PS4

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Hi everyone,

I have a doubts if anyone can help me I appreciate that.

1 - I read and saw a lot of people talk and mapping a button for “REVERSE” on F1 game? It is really possible? I enter on option on the menu in game, I select the controls of my steering wheel and go to the properties of all kind of mapping exist, and didn’t found the reverse, only the “gear reverse” I map those but when it racing didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?The only way I put reverse is when I stop, I downshift to N and next to N appear R. If I try to map a specifically button or shortcut, I didn’t found.  

2 - like I wrote on the title, I have a PS4 Pro, and I know specifically buttons we can’t map, like the PS and SH button. Am I thinking correctly or in PS4 for example it will be possible on my steering wheel I map the SH button? Sorry the dumb question but I’m new on this kind of things. 

If I didn’t explain me correctly please tell me

Best Regards.


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