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Logitech G29 not working well on F1 2020 PS4

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1. Steering wheel does not downshift properly when cornering. There are second gear corners and it only goes down to third. The taps I give to downshift are not reflected in the game. It is confirmed that it is a bug of the game.

2. 1.09

3. Any game mode
4. In point 1 I describe the problem, the fault is from Codemasters since the steering wheel I have tested in other games and it works perfectly.
5. It always happens
I just hope they give me an answer, it is the second time I have tried it and the first time I did not get a response from Codemasters. I hope that this time you will stand up and solve the problems, in this case very serious, that your clients may have. I am very tired of the problems that Codemasters does not solve year after year. I have reflected this problem using a translator, I hope you understand what I have described and I hope to have an answer as quickly as possible. Thank you.
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I see that there is no response from the Codemasters moderators, I notice a total neglect with many people in this forum. People with gambling problems, which are from the game itself and you don't even respond, it's pathetic. I have no choice but to contact Sony and comment on the situation that is repeated year after year. Congratulate them of course for all the games they are launching with a multitude of errors and without solving. Let you know that I will take a screenshot of this conversation because if you are slow to answer or just don't, you are very quick to ban people or delete conversations when something bothers you. Thanks a lot for nothing.
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