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Suggested updates for F1 2021


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Dear Codemasters,

I dare to suggest some updates. I will focus on important things, which would significantly improve the gameplay (mostly for My team).

Essentials (not having these really ruins the gameplay sometimes):

1 ) Coordinated pit stops - Some kind of coordination of strategies is essential. The most basic could be just information, when your teammate will be coming in and how many seconds you are apart. But I would really aprreciate some kind of more advanced mechanism, which would simulate team strategist. See point 2). Also, better double pitstops, if the team is prepared.

2 ) Team strategist - He would be reacting to race development, suggesting under/overcuts, reacting to SC or weather forecasts, depending also on your teammate strategy. It would be nice if AI drivers would also be simulated like this. When they come in for a pit stop one or two laps after SC, or stop for new dry tyres one lap before it starts raining it ruins the experience. Of course, some level of coincidence and bad planning is welcomed, but make it the way it makes at least a little bit of sense.

3 ) Better co-driver contract - Make it possible to negotiate about the contract length. Also, it's a nonsense to pay all of the salary at once. Let's pay him weekly/monthly with negotiable signing bonus. I like that your co-driver has some demands, but when he rejects to negotiate in the middle of the season because of the demands you were not informed about before, so it's impossible to react, it makes you want to end your career.

4 ) Better damages - I do understand, that part of the license is propably no damage to the models, but you could adapt more non-visual damages, than just wings damage and parts wear. Punctures from collisions with cars or debris, structural damages, being possible to get stuck in the gravel...

5 ) Safety car - More than one SC in a race, better behaviour of the cars (overtaking of the lapped drivers) during SC, red flag and restarts, finishing the race under SC.

Nice to have:

5 ) Not so easy and predictable performance progress - If you know, that second season you will have the best car on the grid, it just takes the fun out. Make it a little bit harder to improve the car, if your base chassis is not good, but also make it possible to have a decent car already at the beginning. Possibility to start new chassis development for next season and it's stats would be dependend on RD points/money investments and pre-season testing would be nice. See point 7).

6 ) More in-depth team management - Hiring/firing staff, staff stats influencing RD generation, acclaim... At least the crucial staff like race engineers or lead designers. Being able to select from full package of events (team-buildings, PR events, simulator training...). Why should only some limited choice of events be available, it doesn' make any sense to me.

7 ) Pre season testing and car development - Your cars performance could be dependend on what kind of testing you do. It might be similar to practice sessions, but focused more on technicalities. Based on that you would get RD points and base car stats.

8 ) Better design editor - Being able to create custom liveries (shapes) with in-game possibility to input custom logos would be really nice.

I hope you are working on these things, as some of these are being criticised for years now. Having all of it would make the game almost perfect for me, and I believe also others.

Best regards, Otto.


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10 hours ago, Jaketa said:

Good ideas but one of the most important things in a racing game is missing: The weather system hasn’t really changed in the last 3-4 years. They need to do some changes. It’s completely predictable.

The ability to race wheel to wheel online has been randomly missing arguably since 2013.

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