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Seriously CM.. you are cooperating with Fanatec.


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I have few point to make about Fanatec and f12020.
Equipment i have is Fanatec CSL ps4 and v3 pedal.

I have drive with wheel almost 1 year now and it still baffles me how driving with pad give you much more feedback vs driving with wheel.
With pad you feel accelerate as pad simulates that with vibration. Same with brakes or locking up. You also can feel when you are losing your traction.
At the moment v3 brake rumble work, great. Could we simulate lock ups as well?
With throttle pedal there is nothing, 

All CSL steering wheels have vibrations in it, could we have there feedback as how we have with ps4 Dualshock controller, or even anything at all? Now there is not vibration at all for anything.
Now is hard to enjoy driving f12020, at times it feels like driving in air as you cant pretty much feel anything,
At minimum if there is not focus on supporting V3 pedals, at least make all Vibration supported steering wheels simulates locking ups, losing car, throttle etc.

Lastly, and this is something what suggest me that CM have been very lazy with this, How can game who have cooperation with Fanatec cant make left joystick work?
It would be perfect for looking right-left-back but this game does not support it, should I really waste my R2 or anything button for looking back?

Where we are going with this?

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