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[PC] [Multiplayer] F2 Tyres being set to absolute zero degrees after the Formation Lap


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1. When losing the connection/disconneting during the Formation Lap and rejoining during it, the tyres for the F2 cars are set to absolute zero when the race starts. (Yet they still achieve more grip than the SF1000)

2. PC

3. 1.10

4. Unranked - Multiplayer - F2 2019 (One-Shot Qualifying, Formation Lap On, 50% Feature & Sprint Race)

5. Wired

6. 15 (13 Drivers and 2 spectators)

7. No (RichyB was, but has a strong & stable connection)

8. Just me, everything normal for them.

9. Yeah, happens every time.

10. By disconnecting during the Formation Lap and rejoining during it.

11. TPDV-EETK-DEEG-MVMG (Code from the session)

12. YT Link (Unlisted) (This was the Feature Race)


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