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Favorite Classic Car


Which classic car era do you prefer  

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  1. 1. Which classic car era do you prefer

    • '88-'92
    • '94-2010

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Part of the experience in this game is driving the classic F1 cars, which got me thinking about my favorite car in the game. Honestly, I'm quite partial to the pre-1994 design because I find the nose-attached front wing better-looking than its nose-suspended counterpart from '94-present. Among the cars with the wing attached directly to the nose, my favorite is Schumacher's Jordan from '91 with my second being the '88 McLaren. While I can't make a poll naming every car because there are too many, I'd like to know everyone else's favorite in-game classic era and car from within that era.

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The old cars look so cool... but I really like the 2010 cars' handling (insert Top Gear meme here)

I wonder if the 2010 cars are the newest we are going to get, as they're the last cars without DRS. Though the 2009-2010 cars don't have KERS in the game. Probably because they don't have the in-game support for it at the moment 🤔

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