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F2 in the rain is trash

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F2 sucks in general in this game, the cars are next to undriveable without traction control. What’s worse is when it rains.

I have higher cornering speeds in the wet than the AI and my corner exit is faster, I’m carrying more speed onto the straight, but then suddenly the AI car takes off like the track is dry and I am helpless. It can’t be just the TC because if I turn it down, to where I have it in F1, I can’t accelerate at more than a quarter throttle in anything lower than third gear meanwhile I’m being driven around on corner exit. Doesn’t matter what I do with setup, just have no grip on corner exit.

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I think the f2's are great fun in this game and perfectly drivable without tc, 
And they're even more fun in the wet. 

You just have to be a bit more carefull with the gears. (shortshift.. but not TOO soon because the longer gears can really screw you then) 

They require a tiny bit more finesse but then they go slower so you have more time to react to stuff. overall I think they're a bit easier to drive than the f1 cars. They sound awesome. and are certainly a blast to drive. 

But yeah.. gear 1 is never usable really in general and gear 2 and 3 you want to get out of the way asap. Personally i shift as soon as i feel the slightest hint of wheelspin. although that 1 split second earlieir is better of course 😛

And general tip that's even more true in the f2's than in the f1's:
Turn first.... straighten the wheel.. THEN accelerate. while keeping the wheel as straight as you can. these cars have huge torque and don't at  all like accelerating while still turning. but while straightened out you can get away with almost anything

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