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Ferrari F1-2000 Traction Control


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A suggestion for a very small, simple fix regarding the F1-2000. I know you devs have way more relevant things to care about in the game but if that helps a bit, maybe it's just something that was overlooked a bit, probably!

The traction control was reimplemented in F1 midway through the 2001 season, which means the Ferrari F1-2000 still didn't feature TC. Yet, in the game it does make that sound effect and TC effect as seen in the other cars from the first half of the decade.

That comment aside, I'd like to thank the team for including such a great car in the game! I love driving it, and it does bring me good memories both of real F1 and my time playing the 2000 season games from that era, which, of course, were not as lifelike haha

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