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DiRT Rally Championship Bonus Round - Monte

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First up congratulations to the winners of Round 5 and a big thank you to everybody for taking part, this week is the bonus round taking place on Monte and as ever you have until Midnight on Tuesday 10th June to submit your times - all stages must be ran from the Single Player > Time Trail menu and you can use any car within the set class.

The running order is as follows:

Stage 1:
Monte Carlo
Gorges de Pianon

Stage 2:
Monte Carlo
Route Des Anges

Stage 3:
Monte Carlo
Col St. Roch

Stage 4
Monte Carlo
Col De Turini

To submit your times simply post up the following info:

Stage 1 Time:
Stage 2 Time:
Stage 3 Time:
Stage 4 Time:

Then include evidence of your time for each stage, this can be in form of a photo or video.

To add a photo simply take a screenshot (F12 on Steam) of the final time screen (as seen below) via your PC or with your camera phone and upload it to somewhere on the internet (I would recommend imgur). Or you can tweet it to @dirtgame then just drop a link to the tweet with your results.

You can only post your results up once.
You can not use mods or hacks.
You can not edit your post or update your times (doing so will result in disqualification). So only submit once you are happy with them.
You must provide evidence in either video or photographic form.
You must load up events from the Time Trial menu only.
You must submit your times by Midnight (UK time) on the 10th June.
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70's cars are the best at the hairpins, they slide easily without breaking when changing to the lowest gears! Well, of course they are RWD cars that's why they're easily the best! 

Name: Darhour
Team: CatSoap
Stage 1 Time: 3:31.534
Stage 2 Time: 1:24.627
Stage 3 Time: 3:18.399
Stage 4 Time: 2:07.163

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Man, what a mission. I almost had a mechanical DNF. I was doing my recce run for the first stage and the vibrations from my transducers caused my fuel gauge to short out and take out all my gauges. I spent the whole night checking all the wiring and finding the short. 

The wires on the back of my fuel gauge are held in by a little nut and the vibrations slowly loosened it until the +12v power cable to the gauge fell off and shorted on the chassis. Because it is in my cluster pods I couldn't see it. I could tell with my multi-meter that I had a short somewhere because I was reading 0 ohm from the power wire to the chassis (ground). I will have to put on a lock nut so it doesn't happen again.

It actually added to the realism because reminded me of when I used to crew for my friends rally car and we would be rushing to fix the car before the next stage. I got the moment it happen on tape so I will include it at the end of my video.

I wasn't that fast because I didn't have much time after repairing my rig, literally did one run at each stage.
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Sorry, my laptop is broke to day and i can just use my phone to put my time stages
So i can't upload my photos this evening, i will make it tomorrow
Now, these are my stages times :
1 : 3.26.210 
2 : 1.23.654 
3 : 3.10.559 
4 1.59.672 : 
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hi everybody

thx to justbiglee for this event !

I have to say : I love tarmac and Hairpins and i miss the tricky stages on the older games like cmr2 Italy 9+10 or the Japan Rally i think it was 2004 or 05 ? - anyway here the Times . . .

Stage 1 Georges de pianon 90s 3.19.217 - new World Record ! http://twitpic.com/e5vwuv

Stage 2 Route des Anges Open 1.20.458 - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwxl

Stage 3 Col St. Roch 70s 3.01.419 - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwet

Stage 4 Col De Turini 70s - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwlz

hope on Dirt4 will be more Tarmac Stages and the road will be smaler :)

regrards to all and see you in Stages online i am mike from Germany ( yar72)


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This has been fun but I have to admit I enjoy the online multiplayer part of the game much more than single player or career modes. That being said here goes with all the energy I could muster for these last few tracks.. I tried each a handfull of times ( 2) and called it a day. Hope to see some of you online. LV

Stage 1  : 3:26.665
Stage 2  : 1:23.274
Stage 3  : 3:10.261
Stage 4  : 1:59.721

Stage 1  : 3:26.665

Stage 2  : 1:23.274

Stage 3  : 3:10.261

Stage 4  : 1:59.721

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Name - Ulster WRT
Stage 1 - 3:42.106 
Stage 2 - 1:25.372
Stage 3 - 3:26.224
Stage 4 - 2:19.856


Well done to everyone, will have to make more time for next season (hopefully theres a next season :D).
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