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Option to put wing change on 'yes' by default.

Guest Bicarda

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Guest Bicarda

I know there's bigger fish to fry now and I don't at all want to distract you guys from making the multiplayer functional and stable, 
But one big improvement that you could make that shouldn't be too hard to implement, is give us the option to set the wing change in the pits to 'yes' by default. 

For me, there is almost never ever a moment where I don't want to change the wing when I have damage, how small the game might think it is. 
If you lose 5 tenths each lap that is already more than enough, and even the smallest amount of damage can cost you that easily. 

You don't want people with wing damage that are getting overtaken to be distracted as well by navigating the menu and putting that damn setting to yes, because the game might not think your light yellow wing worthy of repairing when you do pit, and it's incredibly frustrating when you forget, or think the damage surely has to be enough for the game to understand what you come in the pit for totally out of sync with the strategy. 

Personally i'd either want yes to be the default, or given the option to make it the default. if once in a blue moon the situation occurs that i DONT want my wing fixed during a stop (there are some tracks where in the rain i sometimes go faster with a bit of damage.. looking at you France) I'll happily go through the effort of making my weird strategy known to the game. The 'auto' option in my view is totally unnecessary and maybe fun for gamblers but not for people in the middle of a serious race.

It would save a lot of frustration/extra busywork while driving in 99,99% of the cases, if they would just always change the wing if you came in with damage, unless told otherwise.

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